Plymouth Landing Swim School offers a fun range of swim lessons from children aged 6 months through 12 years.  Thank you for trusting us with your precious children for 33 years!

As a young child Cindy swam everyday in her backyard pool. As a teenager she began teaching the neighborhood children how to swim. Cindy holds Red Cross certification as a  Water Safety Instructor and USS swim coach. Cindy began coaching Swim Team and Training Lifeguards in 1982. She first started with the Absecon Stingrays as assistant coach. After 5 years with the Stingrays she moved on to being head coach of the Margate Sharks at the JCC. During her 10 years coaching the sharks she has many swimmers presently swimming for high school swim teams and many of her swimmers have receive college scholarships.

Cindy is also head instructor and owner of Plymouth Landing Swim School, where she designed her own one fish, two fish program. This program is designed to teach children at a young age how to survive if they fall into a pool, how to swim using the proper stroke mechanics and eventually become a competitive swim team swimmer and/or a lifeguard. Cindy believes the gift of swim is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. From infant and toddler years, through elder years, they will be safe and able to enjoy the water while ensuring parental peace of mind.

Paul Hess is a partner in Plymouth Landing Swim School and has been assisting in teaching the children of South Jersey to swim for over 18 years.  He spent 16 years as a Longport lifeguard and is currently an Atlantic City firefighter where he is a certified swift water rescue technician.  Paul also holds a water safety instructor certification from Burlington County College along with CPR and first aid.  It is his privilege and pleasure to assist your children in learning safety, respect and capabilities in all bodies of water.

Coach Mark is a product of the Plymouth Landing Swim School system which led him to swim competitively for 13 seasons. In 2006 Mark was hired by Plymouth Landing Swim School to teach lessons and has continued to do so for 11 years. Over the years he has taught hundreds of children how to swim and it also landed him his first job in the coaching circles when Cedar Creek head coach, Steve Ferguson, asked him to teach new comers the techniques of competitive swimming. He has coached Cedar Creek High School Swimming the past four years and has continued to coach after the high school season with the South Jersey Mariners for the past two years.  He has created key contributors in the Cedar Creek Program including top swimmers in the novice championships the past two seasons. His ability to teach swimming has caught the attention of Chief Steve Downey of the Atlantic City Beach Patrol. Last summer the chief asked Mark to teach people trying out for the Patrol how to swim against the harsh conditions of the ocean. Some of those trying out had limited swim ability in the pool, but because of coach Mark were able to pass the test and make the patrol.



"Ms. Cindy"


"Coach Paul"

Mark Giannini

"Coach Mark"


Atlanticare Life Center

2500 English Creek Ave

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Seaview Harbor

303 Somers Point Longport Blvd

Longport, NJ 08403



Both of my children fell in love with swimming because of Ms. Cindy! My son began lessons at 3 years old, at 6 he joined a local swim team where he went on to compete at junior Olympics and zone championships. He continues to swim club level. He is looking forward to high school in September and hoping to join the mainland mustangs! My daughter began much earlier in Ms. Cindy's parent/baby class. She quickly learned to splash around and kick her feet! By 2, she was swimming on her own! She started competing at 4. She has also joined a local club team. She's swam both junior Olympics and zones. Whether you plan to one day join a local club team or have hopes of swimming in high school or college, Ms. Cindy ensures love of the water, water safety (never, never swim alone...) and proper technique! Without a doubt, she's the best of the best! 

—  Alison Riccotti

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