Both of my children fell in love with swimming because of Ms. Cindy! My son began lessons at 3 years old, at 6 he joined a local swim team where he went on to compete at junior Olympics and zone championships. He continues to swim club level. He is looking forward to high school in September and hoping to join the mainland mustangs! My daughter began much earlier in Ms. Cindy's parent/baby class. She quickly learned to splash around and kick her feet! By 2, she was swimming on her own! She started competing at 4. She has also joined a local club team. She's swam both junior Olympics and zones. Whether you plan to one day join a local club team or have hopes of swimming in high school or college, Ms. Cindy ensures love of the water, water safety (never, never swim alone...) and proper technique! Without a doubt, she's the best of the best! 

—  Alison Riccotti