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One Fish

Beginner (3-5 years).  Student will learn beginner swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, floating on back and going under water.  No previous swim experience required.

Two Fish

Advanced Beginner (3-5 years).  Student will learn to torpedo under water and float on back without assistance.  Some previous swim experience required.

Red Fish

Intermediate (4-6 years).  Student will learn beginning mechanics of freestyle and back stroke.  Must be able to swim independently.

Blue Fish

Advanced Intermediate (4-7 years).  Student will learn mechanics of freestyle, back stroke and to breathe to the side.  Must be able to swim the width of the pool independently.

Junior Stroke Mechanics

Advanced (5-8 years).  Student will learn advanced stroke mechanics for freestyle and back stroke for the length of the pool.  Must be able to swim the length of the pool independently.


Stroke Mechanics

Swim Team Development (6-12 years).  Student will learn advanced stroke mechanics for freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly.  Must be proficient in freestyle and back stroke.

Water Babies

Infants and toddlers (Under 3 years).  Introduction to the water and swimming.  Parent participation is required.  Must wear swim diapers.

Lesson Levels
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